Imagine the Monsters!

Anonymous said: Imagine a world, Where people DON'T ship TerrixTerry. That would be AMAZING.

Pscht,Anon plz.

We’re not SHIPPING Terry/Terri.

It’s OBVIOUS that Terry and Terri are such great brothers that they’re not afraid of showing sibling affection to eachother.

LOTS of sibling affection


Marty stop messing with the Anons

You guys have no idea how happy I am that I finally got the Sims 2 on my computer

I am SO gonna make FB&CC Sims hyuck hyuck hyuck

The ROR have their annual wrestling match and Chet emerges as the champion, standing on a pile of his tired ROR brothers as he woots in victory 

Anonymous said: imagine terri and terry's iphone 4 charger is breaking so when one of them is plugging it in they get shocked and die



Anonymous said: Do you have an art tag?

Why yes I have!

It’s called Marty’s F’artsies! (Get it? Fanartsies! :D)

Omg guys look this is almost a perfect curve.

Idk I wanted to say something before I’m gonna sleep.

Night y’all!!! <3



Sorry if I don’t update much,I’m pretty much in a bad mood right now.

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Im sorry ;-; im not much of an artist but that does sound pretty suckish. I hope you feel better soon

Thanks so much for understanding!

I do feel better now,I guess I just had to let it out because it was bugging me a lot! (I mean,Venting DOES make me feel better so yeah :’D)

And again,Thanks for understanding! My mother doesn’t even TRY to properly listen to me. (All she does is fucking DEFEND the busdriver even though she fucking KNOWS my art is super important to me!)

Sorry if I don’t update much,I’m pretty much in a bad mood right now.

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Imagine Chet procrastinating in making his bed much to Johnny’s dismay.

Purple Blob Monster